Cutter's Raiders is no more ...


In the year 1993 Geoff Herbst going by the alias of Cutter organized a two day CAS match.  The two-days were held twice a year at the Warsaw Rifle and Pistol club just west of Warsaw, Indiana.

Staring 1996 matches were changed to a one day monthly format.  Something about grown men reliving their youth and replacing the pretend finger guns with real guns was drawing up to 40 participates.  There were four permanent bays with western store fronts and a fifth temporary bay and the end of the long range rifle. 

Cutter, Carver, Cowboy, Midnite Desperado, Montana Longhair, Thorny Rose and Willy Brown were the core group that kept the matches running.

On December 8th of 1996 Cutter came in from work, sat down and died of a heart attack.  While waiting in the receiving line at Cutter’s funeral, cowpokes discuss what was to become of the CAS matches?  It was agreed that the matches would continue and that Midnite Desperado and Thorny Rose had “volunteered” to be the organizers.

In 1997 the group affiliated with SASS and in honor of its Founder Cutter (Geoff Herbst) became known as Cutter’s Raiders.

The Warsaw Rifle and Pistol club were great hosts but the four permanent bays had a small problem.  Any shots over the berm would send lead over a busy road and into the neighboring gravel pit; the result would be a MDQ.  Along with no space for additional stages and the limited parking was also a problem. 

 Towards the end 2005 the original members Midnite Desperado, Thorny Rose, Montana Longhair along with Lil Sis, C.C. Top, and Dru Red Blood started the plan of relocating to Paradise Pass.  The winter’s single digit temperatures were braved by a passel of volunteers and a town was built.

 7 stages (Sponsorship from local business), Gunsmith, Cantina, Undertaker, Saloon, Butcher Shop, Fort Squeak and the Blacksmith Shop.  5 of the stages are actual buildings, 1 stage is the typical front wall only and the Fort has four fortified walls, second floor sentry post and cannon.  And there’s the heated Club house for registration, awards presentation with kitchen and in the near future indoor Ladies facilities with shower and of course the essential outhouse with all the modern features available in 1880s.  March of 2006 the first match was held by Cutter’s Raiders in the Town of Paradise Pass.

Summer of 2005 the Deer Creek Conservation Club in Jonesboro, Indiana asked for a year’s break from hosting the Indiana Hoosier Ambush state match, SASS approved Cutter’s Raiders application to host.

3 more stages were quickly built.  Sheriff’s Office, Mad Montana’s mine and the Open Range.   Cutter's Raiders hosted 150 shooters at the first Indiana State Hoosier Ambush at Paradise Pass.

Since then Stage 6 was rebuilt as the General Store & Barber Shop and  Fort Squeak replaced the Open Range.  50 to 60 Shooters a month came out to keep the steel targets in check.

January 24, 2013 the Mayor of Paradise Pass announced the dissolution of Cutter' Raiders.

It was a good 20 year run. 

Thank you Midnite Desperado and Thorny Rose for your dedication, patience, planning, organizing, computerizing and putting up with a bunch of adults pretending to be Cowpokes.   Thank you.




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