5.56 Brass

Sized, deprimed, swaged, trimmed, cleaned & ready for reloading.


Current pricing as of 1/12/2018

$125 per 1,000 pieces (extra brass included)

$65 per 500 pieces (extra brass included)

Cash only.  Free samples on request



Brass is once fired auction brass.

Head stamps are predominantly Lake City but may contain other head stamps too.

Hand sorted and inspected.




Military crimped primer pocket swaged.

Overall length checked and trimmed as needed to SAAMI specs. 

Neck resized to insure conformity to SAAMI specs. 

Wet tumbled with stainless steel media for 2 hours to clean the primer pocket and remove any burrs from the case trimming process.  



Face to face delivery at the following locations:

      Wolffs Rowdy Rangers SASS matches.

     RATS 22 Tactile matches.

  Bend of the River Conservation Club 3-Gun matches.

Email me with your order, quantity and which of the above matches you want your order delivered to.  



Robin Loucks, aka Matthew Duncan (SASS), aka November Papa (RATS).  



17427 CR 48                                                            CuttersRaiders.com

Syracuse, IN  46567                                                     RLoucks@bnin.net



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